Release History

Version 2.5.5725.0
Released: 2015-09-07

Setup: Windows 10 support
Server: LiveData Mux reconciliation, OPC provider re-subscribe feature

Version 2.5.5233.0
Released: 2014-05-08

Server: security vulnerability fixed
Client: improved HTML5 trend demo

Version 2.5.5050.0
Released: 2013-11-13

Server: REST History Reader Web Service
HTML5 Historical Trend Demo

Version 2.5.4912.0
Released: 2013-06-13

LiveData: improved diagnostics for synchronous Read/Write operations
Client: LiveData HTML5 trend demo
Alarm Server and History Recorder: expression parser improvements, introduced expression tester utility
Licensing: license file in ProgramData folder

Version 2.5.4770.1
Released: 2013-04-24

Minor HTML5 client and setup fixes

Version 2.5.4770.0
Released: 2013-02-06

HTML5 support
RESTful LiveData web service

Version 2.1.4560.0
Released: 2012-09-01

OPC provider: ignoreOpcQuality setting
BACnet IP provider: whoIsInterval, networkId, serverDeviceId, vendorId, keepAliveTimeout settings
DTO: template parameter strings now can be escaped to allow backslash, equal signs and semicolons in the parameter values
LiveData Service: no need to restart the service after changing data source configuration
LiveData Service: sampleBufferLength setting is optional now

Version 2.1.4386.1
Released: 2012-01-25

Strict data type checking

Version 2.0.4115.0
Released: 2011-06-01

SQL LiveData provider: improved boolean data type support
Server: analogDeadband property for LiveData sources
Server: revised thread concurrency model in LiveData and Alarm servers (better data source error handling performance)
OPC LiveData provider: OPC group size limit
Server: BACnet IP support
Client: LiveData Manager - improved connectivity error handling
Client: BACnet Provider demo
Client: BACnet thermostat integration demo

Version 1.4.4000.0
Released: 2010-11-18

Alarm Notification: 2-way SMS and email communication

Version 1.4.3900.0
Released: 2010-10-20

Security: item-level authorization, XmlAuthorizationProvider, using User.Identity
Setup: better component granularity, friendly ASP.NET/IIS dialogs
Security Demo: now uses LiveData, Alarm and Historical Data

Version 1.4.3880.0
Released: 2010-08-18

M2M Demo application
Shared data (databases and XML) in ProgramData folder
Setup: advertised shortcuts

Version 1.4.3860.0
Released: 2010-07-27

Oracle support tested with Oracle 11g R2, Devart dotConnect for Oracle 5.70.146, Oracle.DataAccess.Client
mySQL support, tested with mySQL 5.1.48, Devart dotConnect for mySQL 5.80.146
Improved type control in LiveData stack
Minor fixes in Excel demo
Improved LiveData redundancy performance

Version 1.4.3850.0
Released: 2010-07-06

Client development: integration with Expression Blend 4
Improved downsampler engine now used on both client and server
Alarm Summary and Trend control in German and Russian
Trend Control: data export to comma-separated files
Minor OPC emulator fixes

Version 1.4.3820.0
Released: 2010-05-25

Server requires .NET 4.0
Client requires Silverlight 4
Client development: integration with Visual Studio 2010
Trend Control: specify date range explicitly
Delayed alarms to avoid noise

Version 1.2.3800.0
Released: 2010-05-06

History Reader web service: historical data point areas
Alarm web service: alarm areas
Trend Control: color picker
Trend Control: load/save pen configuration
Trend Control: line/bar/HLC pens, cursor and tooltips
Alarm Summary: edit/load/save subscription configuration
Alarm Summary: ack/shelve buttons and hot keys
Alarm Summary: sort on-the-fly setting
LiveData items and live pens: ScaleFactor attribute
Pipes And Tanks Demo: customizable trend control
Alarm Demo: passing alarm events to subscribers

Version 1.2.3730.0
Released: 2010-04-13

Downsampling performed by History Recorder, Downsampler Service is gone
Changes in web service security model
Documentation changes
Trend control: added right scale
Trend control: chart configuration load/save
Localized Alarm Summary and Trend Control
Signed setup package

Version 1.1.3700.0
Released: 2010-03-10

Minor fixes in LiveData and Alarming
Licensing-related changes

Version 1.1.3674.0
Released: 2010-02-18

Trend Control and Trend Demo
Breaking change in history database format: LastValue observations
Multiple Historical Data improvements
Historical Data documentation

Version 1.1.3600.0
Released: 2010-01-11

Historical Data Support (Recorder, Downsampler, Web Service)

Version 1.0.3580.0
Released: 2009-10-31

Documentation added
Improved data source error handling
Breaking changes in client framework: web service config files
Alarm Agent samples

Version 1.0.3560.0
Released: 2009-10-10

Breaking changes in client framework (PlainDoubleDisplay instead of PlainNumericDisplay)
64-bit OS support
Non-English OS Support
No more third-party OPC servers in the demo
No more emulator service in the demo

Version 1.0.3540.0
Released: 2009-09-14

Breaking changes in DataManager (DataItem collection)
Microsoft Excel 2007 sample (SOAP Web Service)
No more third-party OPC RCWs

Version 1.0.901.0
Released: 2009-09-03

Added LiveData Agent examples (WCF, SOAP, Multiplexor)
Added "caseSensitive" setting to OPC LiveData Provider
SQL LiveData Provider now supports ODBC data sources

Version 1.0.813.0
Released: 2009-08-17

Fixed a bug in SerializablePairList that messed up template parameter transfer
Added SQL LiveData Provider, tested with SQLite and MS SQL Server
No more third party TreeView control in alarm summary
Added support for integer data items on the client
Added support for all major .NET integer data types

Version 1.0.801.0
Released: 2009-08-01

Silverlight 3 support
Fixed a bug in LiveData Emulator that misinterpreted data writes

Version 1.0.720.0
Released: 2009-07-30

Minor bugs fixed
Bugs fixed in multiplexor (livedata/alarm partitioning now works properly)
Some additions to expression parser
Documentation (Overview, LiveData Server)

Version 1.0.623.0
Released: 2009-06-23

Separate framework and demo setup components
Alarm events archiving: MS SQL Server support

Version 1.0.612.0
Released: 2009-06-12

Minor updates, names mostly
Portable (.NET/Silverlight) LiveData Emulator engine

Version 1.0.601.0
Released: 2009-06-01

First official release

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