About CSWorks Inc.

We are a team of seasoned software development professionals with extensive experience in industrial automation and software development. Based in Vancouver, Canada, we have worked full-time and as contractors for big-name automation companies for many years.

Our mission is to help automation community embrace modern, but well-established technologies that can change the face of the industry.

Our goals:

  • Facilitate CSWorks product adoption by the industrial automation community.
  • Keep improving CSWorks.
  • Provide consulting services for CSWorks-based projects.
  • Build a network of highly skilled professionals who are willing to use CSWorks in their solutions.

If you work in industrial automation and are excited about CSWorks, we would like to hear from you! Do not hesitate to give us a call or drop us a line.

CSWorks Inc.
160-3751 Shell Road, Richmond
British Columbia, Canada V6X 2W2
P: (778) 898-7130

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