Web client

CSWorks-powered client applications run on Windows and Mac platforms using Microsoft Silverlight as runtime engine, and run on all platforms that support HTML5 browsing.

Increase ROI, reduce client software maintenance cost by using zero-administration web client. With CSWorks web client, users no longer need to install proprietary HMI software, licenses and individual HMI screens on each operator station. Files and licensing are server-based for trouble-free maintenance and deployment.

CSWorks can function on top of a number of standard, secure communication protocols that guarantee data privacy and integrity. Client-server interaction can be tunneled through SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) - the de-facto standard for the protection of online transmission of sensitive information. So whether users are logged onto a local workstation or dialing in from home, the system is secure.

CSWorks HMI: OPC data access

CSWorks on multiple client platforms

Thanks to HTML5 support, CSWorks now runs on every platform that support HTML5 browsing. With CSWorks running on smartphones:

  • Plant managers can gain quick access to important information around the clock from any location
  • Backup operators can take immediate action upon receiving alarm notifications via SMS
  • Developers can create phone applications that access live data using CSWorks control library or third-party controls
CSWorks HMI: live data and trending on Windows Phone 7

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