Alarm Notification

CSWorks remote alarm notification features:

  • notification delivery via SMS (GSM modem required) or email (SMTP server required)
  • 2-way communication: alarms can be acknowledged via SMS
  • user availability schedule
  • recipient groups
  • support for complex escalation procedures
  • configurable message content

CSWorks alarm notification component is a Windows service application that monitors user-specified alarm groups. When an alarm goes active, alarm notification service checks if it meets some given criteria and sends notifications to all interested parties (operators, administrators) by email via configured SMTP server or by SMS. SMS messages are sent using wireless modem connected to the computer that runs CSWorks alarm notification service. For every recipient, notification service generates a unique ack code, so the user can reveal his/her identity when acknowledging the alarm.

Upon receiving alarm notification by email or via SMS, users may choose to acknowledge the alarm by SMS. All they have to do is to create an SMS with correspondent acknowledgement code(s) and send it back to the notification service. When notification service receives an SMS message with acknowledgement codes, it acknowledges correspondent alarm(s) on behalf of the user who have sent the message.

Check out our educational video on Youtube to see alarm notification in action.

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