Product Features

Multiple platform support
  • Server: W2K3, W2K8, Windows 7 (x86 and x64)
  • Desktop client: Silverlight on Windows desktops, HTML5 on all platforms
  • Mobile client: HTML5
    Multi-language support
    • Localized Windows versions are supported
    • Culture-specific datetime and number formats
    • Alarming and trending in English, Norwegian, German and Russian (Silverlight)
      Data acquisition and processing
      • OPC DA 2.05 support (...)
      • Modbus support (...)
      • BACnet/IP support (...)
      • Data acquisition from SQL Server, mySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL (...)
      • Custom LiveData provider support
      • LiveData redundancy and partitioning
      • Historical data in SQL Server, mySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL (...)
        • Alarming redundancy and partitioning
        • Alarm history in SQL Server, mySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL (...)
        • Alarm Summary control with sorting, filtering and shelving capabilities (Silverlight)
        • User-based Alarm Summary settings (Silverlight)
        • 2-way remote alarm notification: email and SMS (...)
          • Highly customizable trend control (Silverlight)
          • Live and historical data trending (Silverlight, HTML5)
          • Trending data export to CSV files (Silverlight)
          • Exceptional trend navigation capabilities (Silverlight)
          • User-based trend settings (Silverlight)
            • Editor: Visual Studio and Blend integration (Silverlight) (...)
            • Full-screen graphics option (Silverlight, HTML5)
            • Contemporary scalable vector graphics (Silverlight, HTML5) (...)
            • Powerful animation capabilities (Silverlight, HTML5) (...)
              Open architecture
              • Natural support for third-party UI controls (...)
              • Create your own server extensions - see LiveData/Alarm agent demo
              • RESTful web service Live and Historical Data access
                • Server components can use any WCF security method for communication
                • SSL-secured client-server communication (...)
                • Client applications run in a sandbox (...)
                • Integration with existing rights access management systems
                  • Quick installation, small footprint and transparent configuration
                  • Server performance counters - know your solution capabilities
                  • Sample client applications - draft your HMI screens right away

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