Do I have to buy CSWorks?

CSWorks Framework

The CSWorks framework is free to try and use for deployments with up to 999 tags, 9 historical data points, 9 alarms, and one web client. Larger deployments require a CSWorks commercial license. Commercial licenses do not expire. Please contact us for details about purchasing a license.

If you are considering CSWorks for your solution, be aware that the installation package:

  • Does not include a production-grade SQL database engine. To store production alarming and historical data, you can use an SQL database engine of your choice.
  • Does not include OPC servers that can be used in production. Before purchasing CSWorks, ensure that you have a live data access plan for your deployment.

Additional components

The CSWorks framework includes a complete server infrastructure for alarming and historical data. If you are planning to use an SQL database of your choice to perform offline data analysis only, then you do not need to buy the CSWorks Alarm Summary or Trend Control. Otherwise, you might consider purchasing these components from us.

The CSWorks installation package includes Silverlight Alarm Summary and Trend control demo versions, which are 100% functional, but have a "Demo" tag on them. To use the controls in a production environment, you have to purchase commercial versions from us. With the commercial versions, you are entitled to free upgrades for one year.

How much does CSWorks cost?

Prices of CSWorks framework licenses and of additional CSWorks components depend on the size of the deployment. We will be glad to send you a quote. All we need are the following details about your deployment:

  • number of I/O tags
  • number of historical data points
  • number of alarms
  • number of web clients running simultaneously
  • whether you need the CSWorks Alarm Summary or Trend Control

To request a quote now, email us or fill out the quote request form.

What about discounts?

We will be happy to discuss price reductions if you are:

  • A system integrator
  • Upgrading to a larger deployment
  • Recommending CSWorks to friends or colleagues
  • can help us improve CSWorks

To find out how you qualify, please email us.

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