CSWorks supports a variety of data sources

CSWorks HMI and SCADA applications speak OPC, Modbus, BACnet and SQL

CSWorks uses pluggable data source provider architecture that allows it to communicate with virtually any kind of data source. At the moment, the following types of data sources are supported.

  • OPC (OLE for Process Control) servers: CSWorks can process data from any OPC server that implements OPC Data Access 2.05 protocol. Read more...
  • Modbus: CSWorks support Modbus - industry’s de-facto standard since 1979. Read more...
  • BACnet: CSWorks supports BACnet, which is a de-facto communication standard for Building Automation. Learn how Building Automation integrators can benefit from using CSWorks, or read more about BACnet support in CSWorks.
  • SQL databases: CSWorks can access customer-specific data in popular SQL databases. Read more...
CSWorks SCADA/HMI: OPC, bacnet, modbus, sql

The list of the supported data source types is constantly growing. If you want your CSWorks-powered solution to support some other PLC protocol, please let us know. We can either help you with implementing a CSWorks provider component for this protocol or we can create it for you and include into CSWorks distribution package.

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