Powerful graphics

CSWorks can use Microsoft Silverlight or HTML5 for client graphics.


Microsoft Silverlight delivers a full suite of powerful capabilities to business application developers, bringing the best-of-breed .NET platform to browser-based experiences. Silverlight provides an ideal platform for developing and deploying modern business applications for the customer facing and staff-facing applications.

Some Silverlight features that can be especially interesting to industrial automation solution developers:

  • Scalable graphics: same HMI screen works well for different display resolutions
  • Animation capabilities allow to visualize any technological process
  • Open architecture: developers can use third-party UI components and controls
  • Powerful design tools: Microsoft Visual Studio and Expression Blend
CSWorks HMI: Silverlight or HTML5

Visit Microsoft Silverlight website to learn more about Silverlight.


CSWorks provides a client-side framework capable of accessing live data via RESTful web services and displaying it using SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) controls. See CSWorks online HTML5 demo.

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