CSWorks is a software framework for building web-based HMI, SCADA and M2M industrial automation solutions. The latest version of CSWorks is 2.5.5725.0, you can download it here.

Web-based industrial automation - HMI, SCADA

Key features

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Key benefits

  • Unprecedented flexibility
    - server components as highly customizable building blocks
    - client development using framework and programming/scripting language of your choice
    - open architecture allowing third-party server modules and client UI components
  • Cost efficiency
    - zero-administration browser-based client applications
    - reuse of existing SQL database infrastructure
  • Security
    - industry-standard communication security protocols
    - integration with existing security infrastructure
  • High-availability
    - server component redundancy to provide fault tolerance
    - virtually unlimited scalability to handle thousands of data points

Make a switch from monolithic legacy SCADA systems to the new breed of industrial automation solutions, and do that without spending a fortune: we offer CSWorks free of charge for small deployments, and at flexible prices for larger solutions.

Download the CSWorks framework and demo HMI applications, or check out our online demos. See for yourself how RIA technologies and Microsoft .NET make a robust foundation for building scalable, flexible, and graphically impressive web-based process monitoring applications for any industry.

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