Certificate security for WCF over MSMQ communication

Author: Sergey Sorokin

Published: 2009-09-29 04:52:00

Last update: 2013-01-10 11:08:19

Tags: msmq

Slug: Certificate-security-for-WCF-over-MSMQ-communication

While working on one of my projects, I had to make WCF run over a farm of load-balanced message queues. After several days of web search, asking questions and coding I have come up with the following "Step-by step guide for setting up certificate security for WCF over MSMQ communication".

The goal is to implement a secured WCF communication based on MSMQ under the following requirements/assumptions/recommendations.

The weapon of choice is message-based certificate security. To put it simple, it means two things:



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